About Beauty: Mixed Messages

This post is part of a regular series entitled About Beauty. Are you inspired to wear your inner beauty?

It is time for the concept of beauty to be redefined.

In the last post, I stated that one of my goals is to redefine beauty in the midst of the confusing messages of today’s culture.  Today, I want take a look at these messages.

The concept of beauty has been reduced down to materialism.  Our young girls grow up measuring their physical appearance against what they see in the magazines or on television.  Beauty has been distorted by sex industries and redefined by the movie and music industries as pertaining only to physical beauty and being directly proportional to material gain. Without the latest and greatest this or that, some young ladies experience a decreased sense of value or self-worth. To say that one’s beauty comes from within sounds cliche’ these days. And, the concept of inner beauty has become nebulous.

Let me tell you about a woman I saw the other day. She stepped out of a shiny black Chrysler 300 with dark tinted windows.  She was tall, dressed in tailored black slacks, and a crisp white blouse.  She was adorned in beautiful gold jewelry that took her very basic outfit to the next level.  Her hair was long, dark, and blew effortlessly in the wind.  Completing the outfit were strappy black heels and a designer purse.  I caught a quick glimpse of her and didn’t think twice about it until she opened her mouth.  A string of curse words flowed out of her mouth like water out of a running faucet.  That caught my attention…and not in a good way.

A final thought…

Not only were her choice of words, not beautiful, but the content of what she was saying, that she was going to jump on the one to whom she was speaking and kick them in places we need not mention here, certainly was not edifying.  Further, this was a woman likely in her 40s talking to a younger woman, late 20s.  Her daughter?  Perhaps…. But the real question is – what is being passed down with this behavior?

To be continued…
S. D. G.

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Lynnette is a self-taught jewelry artist and the owner and curator of Beads and Honey.
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