Begin with the End in Mind

Wednesday’s Practical Word of Wisdom for Growth:

Have you ever run into someone who just loves to argue?  Wherever they go or wherever they are, there is conflict.  Maybe each of us can think of a time where arguments and conflicts seemed to surround us.  Prime time TV shows teach us that daily drama is a normal part of everyday living.  I suppose it is the quarrels, conflicts, and gossip that ultimately grab our attention; but, in our real everyday lives, consistent daily drama can be exhausting.  It tends to breed more drama and leads to an overall unproductive lifestyle.  So, how can we have less drama in our lives?  It is a matter of changing what we believe about our behavior.

In the business world, there is an adage, coined by Stephen R. Covey, which states, “begin with the end in mind.”   It is a statement that has gained popularity as it helps us to stay on track in our goal-driven, results-focused work environments.  And, it is useful to help us stay focused on personal goals, like losing weight, for example.  What would happen if we started with the end in mind as it relates to our behaviors that affect other people in our circle of influence (our spouse, family members, close friends, and colleagues)?   Look at this word of wisdom from Proverbs 30:32-33.

“If you have played the fool and exalted yourself,
or if you have planned evil,
clap your hand over your mouth!

For as churning the milk produces butter,
and as twisting the nose produces blood,
so stirring up anger produces strife.”

Every action has a consequence; it may be good, or it may be bad.  The truth is that if we think too highly of ourselves and promise what we cannot deliver or if we seek to do harm, maybe through gossip, against someone that we don’t really like to much, the end result will be more drama (strife).  Continuing to do these things will lead to the same result every time.  But, thinking about the consequence of these actions before carrying them out can prevent quarrels and struggles that breed conflict in our lives.  In a practical sense, if we stop these actions before they get too far, the conflicts – the drama – will stop.

Beauty comes from within.  What is inner beauty?  It is the place where behavior and values meet.  Are you inspired to wear your inner beauty?  If so, do you change your behavior or your values?  You decide.

S. D. G.

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About Lynnette

Lynnette is a self-taught jewelry artist and the owner and curator of Beads and Honey.
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2 Responses to Begin with the End in Mind

  1. Wow, that post was meant for me this morning! Thanks for the scripture that I will need to think on and write on my heart!

    I’m glad you liked the Balancing Act post.


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