Building a Strong Family Foundation

Wednesday’s Practical Word of Wisdom for Growth:

The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.    —Proverbs 14:1

Ever heard of the old adage, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?  Makes sense, right?  You would end up destroying your house from the inside-out.  The same goes for our own houses, although likely not made of glass, they can be fragile.

In this Scripture, the word house is the Hebrew word bayith.  This word has several meanings, but in various applications, in its greatest meaning, house refers to family.    A wise woman builds her family, while a foolish woman destroys it herself.    Your family is just one of the areas of your circle of influence.  Who’s in your circle?  It may just be your mom and your dad, maybe siblings.  If you’re married, it includes your husband, your children, nieces, nephews, even grandchildren or godchildren.

What does it mean to build your house, or your family?  A house, that expects to remain standing, must have a good foundation.  Let’s start with peace.  Without genuine peace, well, you might as well throw stones.   What are you doing to create peace in your home? Peace sets the stage for everything else that takes place there.  A lot of discord in your home will stunt you and everyone else spiritually.

What are you doing to let your husband know that you love and respect him?  Respect is the number one thing that a man desires from his wife.  Do you seek to always see what is best in him, even when it doesn’t come easy?  If you are not, you may be creating wounds in your relationship that will be more difficult to heal down the road.

Are you teaching the children around you how to make good godly decisions?  Do they see that you consistently walk with integrity and honesty?  If you do, they will see it and want to do likewise.  If you model dishonesty and selfishness, well, they will see it and do likewise.  They will do so, both inside and outside of the home.   These values become part of the foundation they will use to build their own families.

The truth is that we can have a tremendous impact on what goes on in our own households.   Values directly influence behavior.  If you walk with the Lord, you don’t always have to say a lot, but you have a responsibility to live according to God’s standards.  Be mindful of the impact you have on other people.  Be consistent in all you do.  Foundations are built slowly, brick by brick; but, a strong foundation can withstand tremendous destructive forces.   It isn’t always easy, but, the good thing is that He gives us the wisdom and power to do so.

Beauty comes from within.  What is inner beauty?  It is the place where behavior and values meet.  Are you inspired to wear your inner beauty?  If so, do you change your behavior or your values?  You decide.

S. D. G.

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About Lynnette

Lynnette is a self-taught jewelry artist and the owner and curator of Beads and Honey.
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1 Response to Building a Strong Family Foundation

  1. L. O. Burks says:

    Your “inner beauty” is so obvious. Keep up the good work! May your beauty continue to be a light in the path for others.

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