Inner Beauty Values: An Introduction

Wednesday’s Practical Word of Wisdom:

Inner Beauty Value: Wisdom

With today’s passage, I want to briefly introduce the concept of inner beauty values.  Values are standards of merit, or virtues that we believe in and hold dear.  When inner beauty values truly become a part of our heart, they spill over into our actions, and allow more inner beauty to rise to the top.  Regarding inner beauty, it is easy to say, “that woman is beautiful inside-and-out,” but it is more difficult to precisely define what that inner beauty really is.  The values help us to make sense of that beauty.  We can examine ourselves through this lens and use them as standard to let our inner beauty shine through.

So, without reservation, here is the Word of Wisdom for today:

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you;  love her, and she will watch over you.   ~ Proverbs 4:6

Wisdom works together with knowledge; it tells us how to correctly apply that which we know to be true and right.   Wisdom,  is just one of the values that enhance inner beauty.  But, you don’t have to be 90 years old to apply wisdom.  Wisdom comes from the Lord, but it is accessible to all of us.   Proverbs, a book of wisdom, clearly outlines practical wisdom for many of life’s situations.  It is a good place to start.  When I was a child, probably about 10 years old, my grandmother told me that Proverbs has 31 chapters.  She encouraged me to read one chapter a day, each day of the month,  so that I could learn how to make good decisions.   To this day, I’ve remembered this as an adult and continue to incorporate it into my study.

In the last post, I discussed how to make right decisions.  Having wisdom in our heart is a key part of what allows us to make good decisions at home, work, school and all of our areas of influence.  Parents, it is your responsibility to transfer wisdom to your children.  Why?  We learn here that wisdom has a protective effect.   Being able to rightly apply what you know keeps us out of trouble and helps us to maintain good relationships with our friends and family.  These are life skills that, if learned at an early age, will keep them as an adult.  That’s a good thing!  So, seek to apply wisdom in everything you do.

Are you applying wisdom in your everyday life?  Post your comments, questions, or share your stories below.

Beauty comes from within.  What is inner beauty?  It is the place where behavior and values meet.

S. D. G.

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