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Today I would like to introduce you to Brittany Trotman, the insightful woman behind, an online magazine that focuses on true beauty, inside and out!Beauty Girl Mag

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Brittany Trotman, and I’m the editor of In addition to being an editor, I am a high school English teacher and newlywed (smile).

What is the inspiration behind and how did it evolve into

Last summer, after watching a group called The Rubyz on T.V., I realized how important it was to offer a resource for females where they can gain inspiration to be their best self. Rubyz is a group of girls who sing and inspire young females to dress modestly and make the right choices for their lives.

That night I brainstormed and began At first, it was just me writing. I started out writing on subjects of inner beauty but soon realized that it was important to also offer information from experts on other areas of beauty (because let’s face it, we all want to look good too). School was approaching and I knew that I couldn’t keep the blog going by myself and was blessed to have several writers come on board with me.

All along, I had a vision beyond the “beauty blog” world and wanted it become an online magazine. But still at that, I didn’t want it to become just an online magazine. My vision for BeautyGirl is to have our readers to go out into their communities and serve other women. Eventually, BeautyGirl will offer a scholarship to a deserving young girl who exhibits true beauty.

This mission of BeautyGirl is to redefine beauty as defined by our society and encourage females of all ages to embrace their own unique qualities. In doing this, we offer tips and advice covering all areas of beauty. BeautyGirl especially focuses on “green” products and supporting non-profit organizations.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in launching your e-zine?

I’ve had a lot of doors open and such positive responses; however, the biggest challenge was more on a personal level. At first, my friends and family just didn’t “get it.” They didn’t understand what my passions and dreams were for BeautyGirl, and it’s understandable. A lot of people don’t understand this movement of social media and blogs. However, my family took notice and realized the impact BeautyGirl was making at the first event last month.  They always cared and now they “get it.”

Who are your supporters that have helped you develop

My husband has been my biggest supporter. He’s very creative and possesses such entrepreneur qualities. He designed several websites of his own and that’s how I had first got the idea to start BeautyGirl. Not only has he supported my ideas, but he has also spent countless hours designing the site and brainstorming with me. There’s nothing better than being married to your biggest fan.

How has being surrounded by like-minded women influenced you and the success of

My writers have also been a huge inspiration to me through their ideas, creativity, articles, and accomplishments. I’m very blessed to work with such a great group of women.

A few months ago, I began to network with local women. This opened more doors than I ever thought imaginable. By connecting with like-minded women who have the same passions and want to carry the same message, I’ve seen that I can truly live out my dreams with BeautyGirl. For example, by networking with like minded women I was able to host an organic beauty event. I had several women volunteer their time and talents to be a part of the event, including hair and face makeovers. The event was a success all because of the women who joined with me to spread the word and offer their talents. Teaming up with other women has shown me that the goals I want to accomplish are possible!

What is your definition of true beauty?

My definition of true beauty is accepting yourself for who you are but always striving to sharpen qualities, such as integrity, honesty, and loyalty. There’s nothing more gorgeous than a woman who doesn’t have to wear a lot of makeup or show off a lot of skin to feel and know that she is beautiful.

What advice do you have for young women who are struggling with self-esteem or still trying to find their voice?

If you don’t know you are in Christ, you’ll never have the confidence to have a voice. When you know that you’re loved with a perfect love by a perfect God, then you began to accept yourself as you are because you know that you were created to look that way, to talk that way, and to act that way. Knowing who are you in God allows you to understand your purpose and to live it out.

You are also a teacher.  How do you balance work, writing, and family?

This is something that I am currently trying my best to do. I’ve realized lately that I have to put first things first. First is family. Second is being a teacher, and last is writing and editing. I’ll have to admit, I was getting to the point where BeautyGirl was precedence. I literally would go to bed with Twitter being the last thoughts on my mind. When I finally made a conscious effort to prioritize my life according to what was best then I found myself to be less stressed. One day I hope that BeautyGirl will be my full-time job, but until then it can’t overshadow my career as a teacher.

Where else can I find your writing?

You can find me blogging for the Southern Beauty magazine website under the faith and inspiration section and also for the Christian family magazines for the Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Tennessee Valley markets.

What is next for  Do you have any special events coming up?

The next event that BeautyGirl will be hosting is a community service project and launch party. We are still in the planning stages but stay tuned for details.

Thank you for sharing an inner-view of yourself with us!

To keep up with Brittany visit or follow Brittany on Twitter.


Wear Your Inner Beauty is a personal and professional blog dedicated to celebrating inner beauty, jewelry, and practical insight and inspiration for Christian living. This is the place where values, lifestyle and fashion meet.   S. D. G.

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