Calling All Mothers!

Do you ever wonder what your calling is? You know, what is that one thing that God wants you to do in this life?  When the answer wasn’t clear, I found myself not really doing anything with conviction and purpose.

Sterling Silver Mother Charm

Sterling Silver Mother Charm

Each of us special abilities in certain specific areas, but, the truth is that God also has a general calling for every woman.   Our general calling is to transfer God’s values and standards to the next generation. This is a high calling, a special calling, but the good news is that it applies whether you have your own biological children or not.

I do not have children of my own, but I’m blessed to have a lot of young children around me.  I want to make a difference in their lives.  One thing I can do is help them learn how to live in a way that pleases God.  It’s not always easy.  Now, they are trying to establish their own identities and sometimes test the limits of what they should and should not do.  But, it’s ok.  We all have to learn to walk, and fall,  before we can run.

So, maybe you are an aunt, step mother, sister, or just a friend of the family.  How can you transfer godly values and standards into children that are not your own?

  • Develop a good relationship with them.
  • Just be available to them if they need help making a good decision in a difficult situation.
  • Point them in the way of God’s standards and values.  And, be consistent.
  • Live out a good example before them, so that when the time comes, they will value and respect what you have to say.

Sounds like pressure, huh?  It’s okay.  No doubt, we are going to make mistakes.  But, teaching them that everyone makes mistakes is part of the process.  From that, we can show them how to handle mistakes in a way that does not cause more trouble down the road.  And, importantly, they can see how to stand up, shake off the dust, and begin again.

Unfortunately, if we do not actively transfer God’s values into the children around us, the next generation will be more likely to succumb to distorted versions the truth.  Are there children in your lives who could benefit from all that you have to give? If so, happy mother’s day!  Embrace your calling to be a mother.  It’s that important.


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