inner beauty

It is easy to look around and see something beautiful. Unfortunately, beauty is sometimes tainted with behaviors that make it less attractive, like deceit or meanness.  Today, beauty is also being distorted by sex industries and defined by the movie and music industries as pertaining only to physical beauty and being directly proportional to material gain.

Today, there is a need to redefine beauty.   Do you feel like you know it when you see it, but have trouble saying what it is?

What is Christian Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is when a woman’s behavior lines up precisely with her values; it is a reflection of what is in her heart.  Ultimately, those values will reveal a relationship with Christ and create an identity rooted in Him.

Being an inner-beautiful woman does not mean being weak or helpless.  And, it doesn’t mean that we should neglect the outer beauty.  It does mean that we are in a right relationship with our heavenly Father and we stand uncompromisingly for His values and standards.

When it all comes down to it, our inner beauty is a reflection of Christ in us.  And, each day we should progress to look more and more like Him.  Then, for example, when friends go away or we lose our job, our self-image and self-esteem remain intact, because our image of who we are was never wrapped up in those things in the first place.

Inner Beauty Core Values

Inner Beauty is the intersection of what you do and what you believe.  There are several values that influence inner beauty.  It might be impossible to list them all.  But, here is a list of core values, all are a part of the nature of Christ, that are key to mature our beauty within.

  • Truthfulness – being honest
  • Integrity – doing right because it’s right
  • Forgiveness letting go of wrong-doing by others
  • Compassion – being sensitive to others feelings and needs
  • Servanthood – serving others
  • Virtue – upholding the highest standards set by God
  • Wisdom properly applying knowledge
  • Authenticity – being genuine
  • Joyfulness living with a glad heart

Can you see it now?  When you meet a person who is living out these values in all the areas of her life, her beauty – that value that is appealing to others – just radiates out of her heart.