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Be productive! – even in less-than-perfect conditions

Be Productive!: Perfect conditions are not in our control. By waiting for perfect conditions, I was saying that everything depended on me. But, that’s not true. Continue reading

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How to Heal Wounds through Forgiveness

Inner Beauty Value: Forgiveness How old do you think the crystals in these earrings are?  These crystals were manufactured in Austria sometime between the 1950’s and 1970’s.  So they are old.  But, despite their age, the are in remarkable condition.   … Continue reading

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Inner Beauty Values: An Introduction

With today’s passage, I want to briefly introduce the concept of inner beauty values. Values are standards of merit, or virtues that we believe in and hold dear. When inner beauty values truly become a part of our heart, they spill over into our actions, and allow more inner beauty to rise to the top. Regarding inner beauty, it is easy to say, “that woman is beautiful inside-and-out,” but it is more difficult to precisely define what that inner beauty really is. The values help us to make sense of that beauty. Continue reading

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