How to Heal Wounds through Forgiveness

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Inner Beauty Value: Forgiveness

How old do you think the crystals in these earrings are?  These crystals were manufactured in Austria sometime between the 1950’s and 1970’s.  So they are old.  But, despite their age, the are in remarkable condition.   After 50 years, I would expect these crystals to have significant dents, scratches, and dings that would prevent them from doing what they were designed to do, that is to capture and reflect light in a marvelous way.  Deep scratches and dings would just scatter the light and cause the crystals to look dull.

So, my question to you is this.  Are you getting better with age or have the years left you with some dents, scratches, and dings?

If you’ve been hurt by something that occurred in the past, forgive the one who has hurt you. But, really forgive them with no strings attached.  Without forgiveness, the wounds of the past will keep you from reaching your full potential.

If you have hurt someone else, acknowledge your actions and ask God for forgiveness.  That sets the stage; He will help you with what must happen next.  Go to the other person and tell them, sincerely, that you are sorry.   Try to reconcile.  If possible, take steps to try to restore things to the original state.  For example, if out of anger you took someone’s car without permission and then crashed it into a mailbox, then perhaps you can get the car fixed.  It is up to the other person to choose to forgive you.   They may, 0r they may not.   But, your apology must come from the heart, with humility, or it will not be perceived as genuine.  In this way, you help them to be the best they can be, by helping to heal their wound.

Make it a habit to practice good wound management so that, as the years roll by, the dents, scratches, and dings will be at a minimum.  You will be as beautiful as the day you were created and nothing about you will be dull!


Wear Your Inner Beauty is a personal and professional blog dedicated to exploring real inner beauty, jewelry, and practical insight and inspiration for Christian living. This is the place where values and behavior meet.  ~ S. D. G.

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